Confitrol24 Review – Clinically Proven Bladder Control


Confitrol24 allows women to take control of their bladder issues and avoid embarrassment. They don’t need any physical activity or dietary changes. It does not require a prescription. What this indicates is that users can now treat their problems at home. Read this Confitrol24 Review or visit the official website if you have any questions.

Confitrol24 Review – What is this supplement?


Clinically Proven Bladder Control

  • Reduce Embarrassing Leakage
  • Decreases Unexpected Urgency
  • Enhanced Bladder Health
  • Improved Urinary Tract Health

Most women may be surprised to discover that they are not alone with their bladder control problems. Millions of women struggle with the urge to urinate every day as they age, and it can affect almost every aspect of their lives. It can be challenging to get a good night’s sleep if you cannot go to the bathroom for a few minutes. The inability to get enough energy can cause a person to wake up every hour to use the toilet.

Incontinence is often attributed to unfortunate bladder accidents in women. However, there are two possible causes. When the bladder leaks from different activities, stress incontinence is caused. Urge incontinence, caused by miscommunication between the spine and brain, is an entirely different story. It is often unpredictable and can lead to leakage without warning or explanation. If the woman is pregnant, has had health problems, or has other lifestyle issues contributing to urinary leakage, she shouldn’t be embarrassed to get out of bed.

Confitrol24 is beneficial regardless of the cause or type of incontinence. The primary purpose of this formula is to combat incontinence and help the user control their bladder. It helps eliminate embarrassing leakage and reduce the urgency frequency without warning. This formula promotes better urinary tract health and decreases infection risk.

Incontinence sufferers won’t need to worry about the embarrassment and frustration accompanying it. They can take Confitrol24 every other day for relief that lasts all day. It doesn’t require a prescription, and users can focus on using the supplement as directed.

What is Confitrol24?

Confitrol24, an over-the-counter bladder control medication, is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural ingredients.

Bladder inconsistency is a common problem among females. It can cause severe damage to the kidneys and the urinary system’s overall health.

Confitrol24 stops frequent urination and relieves incontinence.

Although incontinence is often cited as the reason for women experiencing severe bladder problems, there are two possible causes.

Stress incontinence is what you would call when the bladder leaks due to various exercises that focus on the organ.

Urge incontinence can be caused by miscommunication between the spine and mind. This last condition is flighty and causes frequent spillage without warning or explanation.

You can use Confitrol24, regardless of the reason for incontinence.

The formula aims to counter incontinence and help the user monitor their bladder. It helps them avoid the humiliation caused by spillage and decreases the frequency at which they are criticized.

This supplement will improve the health of the urinary tract and reduce contamination hazards.

Why do women need bladder control pills?

Bladder inconsistency is a condition where one can’t hold pee.

If you keep your urine longer, this problem can aggravate itself. A few problems, sufferers of bladder incontinence face include:

The need to pee as many as 8+ times a day coupled with needing to pee without notice.

Release of only a very small quantity of urine, regardless of how much you try.

Bed-wetting mishaps, especially as an adult.

Trouble resting due to frequent bathroom visits.

Hesitation to even laugh, or participate in any activities, especially those that require bodily movement.

Confitrol24, a bladder control supplement, can relieve almost all of these bladder problems.

How does Confitrol24 Work?

Confitrol24 is a proprietary blend that helps women control their bladders.

It also manages the wellbeing of the bladder and the urinary tract, ensuring that the treatment satisfiers incontinence.

This wonderful supplement focuses on preventing humiliating spillages that may happen to women. As a matter of fact, Confitrol24 protects their bladder muscles from any minor spillage caused by every little movement of the body, so they won’t constantly feel in need of the bathroom.

The Confitrol24 herbal remedy blend is, primarily, a patent-protected cure. It means that it can do what no other recipe can. The supplement works to support and tone the muscles in your bladder wall, sphincter, and pelvic floor. It also sustains the healthy connective tissue in the adjoining area.

Natural ingredients from around the world constitute this supplement, markedly working together to ensure that incontinence is never a part of your life again.

Confitrol24 Review – The Ingredients

The ingredients in Confitrol24 have a specific role. Their proprietary formula includes –

  • Horsetail raw
  • Cratevox(r)
  • Lindera aggregata

Read the entire Confitrol24 review to learn about the ingredients and how they work together to eliminate incontinence.

Raw Horsetail

The enzyme in raw horsetail helps your body break down vitamin B1 (also called thiamin). It also helps reduce inflammation and has an anti-diabetic effect. Furthermore, It is also rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of bladder or kidney stones. Lastly, it can even prevent urinary tract infections and reduce incontinence.

One should always consider this ingredient, regardless of whether you choose Confitrol24 or not.


Cratevox®, a patented version of Three-Leaf Caper extract, is another part of Confitrol24. This extract contains antioxidants similar to the horsetail in this formula. It also reduces inflammation. This extract helps relieve the pressure caused by the passing of bladder and kidney stones. Incontinence and discomfort can be severe. The blood is purified through this extract.

Lindera Aggregate

Lindera Aggregate, a herb, is used in Chinese medicine. It is used to reduce frequent urination and help the body age on the urinary tract. It is helpful to treat urinary incontinence caused by a cold.

A quick Google search for this ingredient will bring up a study (Linked here) that found that 150 women who reported having urinary frequency experienced significant reductions in their frequency by week 8. The group also had lower levels of urgency and overall incontinence. The treatment was well-received, and there were no significant side effects.

Before you move ahead

Confitrol24 Review

We’re sure that after reading this Confitrol24 Review, you’ll be both aware and have a good understanding of the supplement. It is imperative that you follow the instructions explicitly to get the best results. 

A trial by the manufacturers found that most women only need two capsules per day to see the desired results. Overall, the majority of people notice a difference in their incontinence after two months. Before achieving more control, you will need to continue with the regimen.

Clinical research has supported the formula, so users can be sure that they will see an improvement in their incontinence. Participants who tried this proprietary blend found that they didn’t need to urinate as often and went to the toilet less frequently at night. The trial participants also saw a 60% improvement in incontinence control.

Confitrol24 Review – Meet the Manufacter

Leading Edge Health manufactures Confitrol24. They’re a well-known nutritional supplement manufacturer and retailer that is in British Columbia, Canada.

An acclaimed company, who offer a variety of solutions with their product line of healthcare supplements. They have products that pertain to the health of both genders, as well as to deal with unisex problems such as aging.

They are on a proverbial mission of sorts to provide clinically proven solutions to their users’ problems. Their USP is the fact that their products elicit results, unlike others.

Our research indicates that their overall satisfaction rates across the board are extremely high, which is a great sign.

Purchasing Confitrol24

Visit the official website to obtain this incredible formula. This product is only available for sale on their official website –

The total price for Confitrol24 is $49.99. Users can also choose from larger packages, to save money. The reason we recommend this is because the manufacturers of Confitrol24 are so confident in their product, that they offer a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Additional packages include –

1 Confitrol24™ bottle: $49.99 each – Click here

2 Confitrol24™ bottles: $44.99 eachClick here

3 Confitrol24™ bottles: $41.66 eachClick here

6 Confitrol24™ bottles: $39.99 eachClick here

12 Confitrol24™ bottles: $33.33 eachClick here

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